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The Rad Run 2013

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The Rad Run 2013

The Rad Run 2014

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The Rad Run 2014

Guestbook for The Rad Run
All I'm seeing are the tent photos, as well. They are awesome, by the way. I can't wait to see the rest!
Put in codes and could not see the pictures taken on the run, only tent photos. Please help.
I can only see the photobooth tent pictures :( hoping my computer isnt being dumb
Mike Van Horn
How come there are no pictures from today? (5-17-2014) The Rad Run was amazing, first time doing it and am planning to do it again next year.
Rebecca McAlexander(non-registered)
These ar great pictures...Thanks for being in lots of places and standing in the hot sun. The Rad run was so much fun...Greata day!!!
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